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Paul Frederick Beatty

In the 1980s, Paul Beatty, B.A., B.P.H.E., M.B.A., the national account manager for Canada for a Fortune 500 company at the time, contracted a metabolic disease that doctors could not diagnose. 

After severe flu like feelings and high fever for days, his left side broke out in many patches of bleeding eczema. Neurological  symptoms followed and overwhelming fatigue with pain. 

Doctors first thought it was Multiple Sclerosis, but after specialists in infectious diseases picked up high titres of Epstein Barr virus, Cytomyclo Virus, and HHV6 , the diagnosis became -Myalgiac Encephalomyelitis plus fibromyalgia plus malignant hypothermia. Because it was viral, the doctors said they could do nothing at this time but would treat the symptoms. Later, Paul started losing hair, had cysts that had grown in his back cut out and lost 8-10 teeth due to root caries.                                                                                                                          

Paul, an inveterate researcher, continued to get sicker by the day, but he never stopped looking for answers. Finally, he discovered a clinical trial run by Dr. David Horrobin, the Canadian biochemical researcher who eventually healed him. The trial was overseen by Dr. Peter Behan and his wife. It was published in “Acte Neurological Scandinavia” using EFAs as treatment for “Post Viral Syndromes like Epstein Barr Virus”.


This was the beginning of the long recovery process from the acute infection phase. Paul reached out to others and helped produce a CBC TV show in 1991 on Nature of Things (with David Suzuki) called LIVES IN LIMBO. This program content created of Post Viral Syndromes and EFAs and is very appropriate today with COVID-19 Long Haulers Syndrome dilemmas. Pauls 30 year journey for truth really began at this time. The link is here and under blogs regarding Covid -19.

Dr. Behan was a Harvard Trained Neurologist and head of the Neurology Department at Royal Glasgow Hospital in Scotland. Dr. Horrobin was the collaborator behind the “Double Blind Crossover Trial”   


At the time of  Dr. Horrobin’s passing Paul promised his mentor’s wife he would carry on the work as best he could. For over 25 years Paul has been quietly helping cancer victims heal themselves one at a time. 


During this time Paul has helped  hundreds and many of their testimonials are listed on the site. Ninety percent of the requests Paul receives come from people who were told there was nothing more oncologists could offer and they should go home and put their affairs in order. 


Paul has gathered decades of research, both theoretical and practical, since he has had first-hand experience in successfully treating a wide variety of serious diseases. These include even the most difficult forms of cancer such as pancreatic and ovarian. His confidence is founded in success.

Besides cancer, the protocol shows good results with other serious diseases (autoimmune, cardio-vascular, diabetic complications, dermatological issues, women’s issues etc.)  

Paul believes that if we can heal the cell, we can heal anything because every part of our body is comprised of cells. And the cell is the unit of life. This is where health begins and ends.


Dr. David Horrobin


David Frederick Horrobin (6 October 1939 – 1 April 2003) was a British-Canadian entrepreneur, medical researcher, author and editor. He is best known as the founder of the biotechnology company Scotia Holdings and as the promoter of evening primrose oil as a medical treatment.  

Horrobin was the founder and editor of the Journals Medical Hypotheses and Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, the latter journal (initially titled Prostaglandins and Medicine) co-founded with his then graduate student Morris Karmazyn.

Dr. Horrobin began his research on essential fats in an attempt to determine the reason for the success of “the King’s Cure-all” , the name given to primrose oil by the Europeans. As he began researching, he continued to discover the wide-range of diseases the oils successfully treated. He was 30 years ahead of his time. 

He published over 800 medical papers on the subject, wrote three books and invested $100 million into research. Unfortunately, his re-investing of 43 percent of the company profits into research angered directors and shareholders. They proceeded to relieve him of his position and to appropriate his lifetime of research in order to market his invention—Efamol, as a skin enhancing product for women, ignoring the many other abilities of primrose oil.

Like many geniuses and innovators,  Dr. Horrobin  lived a colourful life, and as a result, made a few enemies who have populated the Internet with ad hominem attacks. This too has prevented casual readers from getting to the pith of his work. 

His main body of work was focused on the use of Omega 6 to heal brain diseases like bi-polar, dementia and Alzheimers, since the brain is 60 percent fat. Although he healed Paul Beatty, it was Paul who has continued the work and had the most success  treating cancer and other so called “incurable” diseases.

Dr. Horrobin was the pioneer and inventor of Efamol and we hope that he will someday receive the credit he deserves.

Perhaps this Elsevier journal award announcement presents a picture closer to reality—

“London, 21 June 2004 – Medical Hypotheses, an Elsevier publication, announces the David Horrobin Prize for medical theory today in London. Dr. David Healy, director of the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Wales College of Medicine, will officially launch the award by presenting his lecture entitled, “Schizophrenia: The Dangers of Current Treatment and Need for New Approaches.”

The £1,000 prize will be awarded annually beginning in early 2005, when the first recipient is selected. It is named in honour of Dr. David Horrobin, the renowned researcher, biotechnology expert and founder of Medical Hypotheses, who died in 2003. Dr. Horrobin was a prolific clinical scientist, and an incisively brilliant philosophical thinker who taught and authored numerous papers and books on topics ranging from lipid biochemistry to orthomolecular medicine.” 

Professor Brian Peskin

Prof. Brian Scott Peskin, BSEE-MIT, is the world’s foremost expert specializing in physiologic EFAs—known as PEOs (Parent Essential Oils)—and their direct relationship to cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

Prof. Peskin’s health and nutritional recommendations have stood the test of time: he has never had to reverse or significantly alter any of his medical reports or journal articles over the past 20 years. 

Peskin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the world’s leading institution in the field—the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT[BP1] ). He received an appointment as an Adjunct Professor at Texas Southern University in the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (1998-1999). His unique approach has applied the mathematical precision of his electrical engineering knowledge to the fields of physiology and biochemistry—resulting in landmark discoveries that are decades ahead of their time. 

Not coming from the medical field has advantages. Dr. Peskin continues to lead the pack when it comes to what is best for your health and how to become energized and disease-free at any age. Peskin founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in 1995. In that year he published the report, “Fiber Fiction,” and years later, others in research are acknowledging the folly of recommending fiber in the diet of a human being. Brian’s more recent discoveries have led him to warn of the dangers of excessive doses of omega-3 derivatives (EPA/DHA)—in particular, fish oil. Instead, he gives you the physiologic, science-based solution he terms PEOs—Parent Essential Oils—which could not be further away from fish oil because these are plant-based. With a commitment to “Science—Not Opinion” (his trademark), Prof. Peskin is, to many, the most trusted, authoritative expert on health and nutrition in the world. His information is @

Professor Peskin serves as an advisor to Paul Beatty and as a resource for this site.

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