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Our mission is to share all pertinent information on both Essential Fatty Acids and all other proven supportive alternative therapies.

One of the first things we will discover when we begin exploring the science of Parent Essential Fats, is that very few people know much about them.

Very few doctors seem to have accurate information about the topic, having relied on the disproven science that only Omega 3 is good, even in high dosages, and that Omega 6 is either detrimental or unnecessary.

Even a Google search will not yield the necessary facts because the few sites that do discuss Omega oils are either poorly indexed for search engines or are buried in the dynamic coding of databases.

Three of the world’s most credible experts on this subject are Dr. David Horrobin, Professor Brian Peskin, and Mr. Paul Beatty, who has studied with both men and who has successfully helped patients for 25 years.

In 1990, Dr. David Horrobin compiled all of the available research in his book “Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids: Pathophysiology and Roles in Clinical Medicine”, the only such book of his time.

Professor Peskin is the esteemed author of “The Hidden Cause of Cancer” and “The PEO Solution”. His two books and his many clinical reports may be found on his site.

It is relatively easy for the layman to grasp the basic science of essential fats. The science is, however, very sophisticated. We will provide the best resources available for those who wish to dig deeper into this fascinating subject.


For twenty-five years, Paul Beatty has guided people with critical illness to a state of vibrant health. Paul has never turned away anyone seeking his help.  About 90 percent of these people were told there was no more medical treatment available to them and therefore they should “go home and prepare for the end”.  Most of these people  were depleted, both energetically and financially. For some, it was a result of the monies spent on alternative  therapies not covered by OHIP, as well as their inability to earn an income.

Paul offers one on one coaching and scientific education to those who embark on this therapy. 

It is crucial within the first 6 months, that the person weaning himself off drugs and dealing with the many psychological and emotional challenges of his/her journey, knows he or she can pick up the phone, or send an email, and receive an answer.

Paul provides this support!

He offers  a free 15 minute preliminary consultation– no obligation -questions answered!  

For those who wish to continue with his services during this critical time, a suggested monthly fee between $50 -$100  from those who can afford it, is greatly appreciated.

The protocol itself costs less than $5.00 a day.



Besides the ongoing education Paul provides through consultation, the website will try to provide a wide range of resources that educate and assist with all facets of the cancer ordeal. 

A cancer diagnosis, especially an aggressive cancer diagnosis that limits our life expectancy to a few months or years, will have a profound effect on us and for many it will cause them to re-evaluate priorities and to search for unconventional answers. The person who wishes to live is forced do this, given the statistics  of most conventional treatments.

This will be a time when the inner tools of healing must be employed.

As you will see, we have covered every base we can think of derived  from our own experience. Resources cover:

  • Essential Fats

  • Diet

  • Exercise  

  • Energy Cultivation

  • Cannabis 

  • Psychological/Emotional 

  • Spiritual

  • Fasting

  • Other Therapies

Ultimately, we must be in a positive state of mind to heal and these resources will give us the hope and enthusiasm we need to maintain such a positive state of mind. 

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