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There are many facets to overcoming cancer and critical illness. In this section, we will include disparate resources that have proven to be helpful  in the working of restoring health.

Qi Gong

1.  Qi and Qi Gong

Cancer happens when cells are deprived of one third of their oxygen. For thousands of years, Chinese and Indian yogis and Taoists have studied ways of getting energy to the cells though qi gong, yoga and pranayama. It makes perfect sense that someone dealing with cancer would adopt some of these practices while healing and throughout the rest of life. 

Qi is the name given to lifeforce in Chinese medicine. It has different names in different cultures. The Japanese martial artists refer it as Ki. The Indian yogis call it prana. Nearly every older culture has a word for this subtle life force energy.

Prana or qi is the subtle lifeforce that runs through our body and the universe. The closest material substance is oxygen, but qi is much more than just oxygen. It is vitality. The more qi we have, the healthier and more alive we feel. Over the course of life, this lifeforce slowly wanes. Cancer accelerates this loss. For those who may not have paid attention to life force, cancer will make them highly aware of it, by its absence. 

Life force is impeded by many different influences. Our mental attitude, our emotions, heavy metals and other environmental pollutants, food preservatives, bad health habits and definitely chemotherapy and opiates. It corresponds with the cell blockage that also increases with age from these same factors. 

The journey of self-cultivation, of rebuilding qi is long, but rewarding. Each day there is a sense of improving our lives from the outside in, and inside out, using and coming to understand the subtle forces that play a much more important role in our health than we may ever have thought they did. 

In the normal person’s life, balanced or abundant qi will be experienced as a sense of well-being, as if everything is in rhythm with the universe. It is experienced as enthusiasm, inspiration, and purpose. Qi Gong healers, who have spent a lifetime cultivating their qi can perform super-human feats.

The Taoist tells us that when we improve and strengthen our qi, even our external circumstances will improve. We may find that teachers or teaching experiences that leave us clearer, and wiser come into our lives advertently and unexpectedly. 

The very process of learning qi gong and beginning the daily practice gives us the sense that we have finally stopped spending and wasting our energy inheritance. It also changes our perspective on life to a more positive one. 

Articles and PDFs

We will try to gather and post as many relevant articles and pdfs on the topic of the essential fats, along with other material considered pertinent to the subject of natural cancer recovery.


The Hidden Story of Cancer from Nexus Magazine (pdf)Download

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The Real Science Behind Essential Fatty Acids, Cancer and Heart Disease (pdf)Download

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Melaleuca-A Different Kind of Company (pdf)DownloadMelaleuca Oligo Vitamin Delivery System (pdf)Download



Podcast Elevate Me Hub with Paula Connor

Paul Beatty who is a Cellular Biologist, joins me to share exactly how we get Oxygen directly into the cells, so that our entire body functions better. We also discuss the Chemistry of Fear and the impact it has on the Natural Body’s Immune System Function. This is about the importance of the Breath and better understanding the power of emotion.




Professor Peskin is the world’s leading authority on Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). His site contains many valuable articles. We have included some of these in the Articles section of this website. VISIT SITE


Saving Fats Team

For years, this was the only Internet presence Paul Beatty had, and the site is owned by someone else. The site has a lot of valuable information for those wishing to understand the history of this protocol.VISIT SITE

Science Direct –David Horrobin

This  site includes a list of Dr. Horrobin’s publications. He published over 800 papers in his lifetime as well, he authored two books on the subjects of EFAs. VISIT SITE


Sometimes it is difficult to get to the root of the  subconscious thought patterns that  are  a significant cause our illness and may still be affecting it. For this we suggest  hypnosis with a qualified practitioner who understands the deep body-mind connection. 

We recommend Lasting Change Hypnosis.

Irina Benoit of Lasting Change Hypnosis in Mississauga, uses powerful personal coaching techniques backed by hypnosis to help you with weight loss, improve sleep, quit smoking, let go of anxiety/fears, relieve stress, increase your self-esteem, accelerate learning, and much more. Located in Mississauga, Lasting Change Hypnosis helps men, women and children from Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville and across Ontario. Irina has helped over 16,000 individuals to date. She also teaches qi gong classes. VISIT SITE


Qi Gong Instruction and Therapy

Master Lee Chi Wai is a world-class martial artist and instructor. He is the disciple of nine different masters of legendary Kung Fu styles originating from all over China, and a 31st generation Shaolin Temple warrior monk disciple. He is also a master healer who is capable of transmitting conditioned qi to those needing this valuable life-force to heal. Cancer victims, in particular, are in need of this internal energy, which he can share. He also provides instruction in the methods of gathering and storing qi. He is a true master healer and teacher.

Born in Hong Kong, Master Lee’s Kung Fu training began at an early age when his grandfather introduced him to qin na , the seizing and locking art Kung Fu. He later learned Praying Mantis styles and his family style, known as the Lee Family Southern Way System. He later specialized in the internal style of Chuojiao-Guiyuanquan. Throughout his life, he has remained dedicated to the study and promotion of Chinese martial arts.

A master of traditional Chinese medicine, Master Lee descends from an extensive lineage of martial and medical practitioners within his own family tree. He is the sixth generation representative of his ancestral commitment to the practice of holistic natural treatments and herbal medicine.

Initially residing in Regina, Saskatchewan , Master Lee later relocated to Mississauga, Ontario , opening the Chung Wah Kung Fu International Research Centre, to further promote Chinese martial arts.There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.


The Subconscious Mind, our Most Powerful Healing Tool


We often hear that the most powerful healing tool we have is our mind. However, this does not refer to our everyday conscious mind, but rather to the great sleeping giant known as the subconscious . This is the mind that can heal cancer.

By training the subconscious mind effectively, we can change our external reality and our internal reality. Training begins with cleaning, because from the moment we were diagnosed we absorbed a remarkable number of powerful negative emotions and thought patterns that accompany the disease. 

To cleanse these, we replace them with positive habits that we enjoy. After 30 to  60 days of daily practice of our new habit, what had at first required great effort and self-discipline, now seems involuntary. It may take a lot of work to get up every morning for a month or two at five-thirty to do a two hour qi gong/yoga routine, but after that, the body seems to not only get itself up, but there is a remarkably deep sense of joy associated with the routine. The subconscious, by this act, has received a new powerful signal that we are getting better. Since we can control what goes into our mind, we prevent the negative thoughts and emotions of cancer to re-enter. 

This is the first way the subconscious becomes our ally. It helps us to adopt and implement new routines. This process activates a much deeper healing power as well, which is the alteration of the way we experience reality and our place in it. 

In this section we will detail one powerful method guaranteed to unleash the healing powers of the subconscious mind. 

Basic Mind Mechanics

To keep this section simple, we can say we have two minds, a conscious mind that deals with waking reality and a subconscious mind that stores habits, lessons, deep-seated opinions. The subconscious plays a big part in forming reality. This state of mind is primitive compared with the conscious mind. It doesn’t think in words but in feelings and imagery. To work with it we must understand the basic principles of mind mechanics.

The conscious mind deals with our waking life. It is called masculine because it is active, rather than passive like the feminine subconscious. It’s memory is short term like the Ram on our computer, the subconscious is like the hard drive it holds much more information, but it is not visible until called upon. The conscious mind is our critical mind, our intellectual mind and it serves a vital purpose in life, but it can also be used as a healing tool when working with the subconscious. It determines what habits to change through study and analysis. 

The conscious mind is our discriminate mind, the subconscious is completely indiscriminate. It will eventually adopt any habit if we repeat it enough and infuse it with positive emotion. This is why we can become “addicted”  to the self-image as a dying cancer victim or to a strong person who will inevitably overcome the disease depending on which habits we choose, and then inculcate  through daily repetition. 

We have two minds because otherwise we would be overwhelmed with all the information we would need to retain to simply navigate life. When information is lodged in the subconscious it becomes “second nature”. 

Therefore, we get these two states to work together to form a formidable healing force by using the conscious mind to determine, through research and reason, what habits we should adopt that will be most conducive to healing. Once we determine the best new habits, we commit to repeating them for at least 30-60 days every day and at first making ourselves enjoy them. It is best to do this at as close to the same time as possible each day or at least in the same order. By 30 to 60 days of daily practice, the subconscious will have adopted the habit and we will find we no longer need the self-discipline because the new habit is now involuntary. 

It may sound selfish to give so much attention to one’s individual interests, however in the case of critical illness it is the opposite. This is the one time in life we do not need to feel selfish in spending time in inner reflection. There is no greater gift we can give to our family than for them to see us happy, interested, productive and enjoying life at this time, because they have all seen the cancer victim who wallows in depression and anger until the bitter end, dragging family and friends down with them. 

If we stay with our simple definition of two minds, then we would have to say the soul resides in the deepest part of the subconscious. It is really part of a third mind, called the collective unconscious, but because the soul works through the subconscious we can assume that we are also touching and satisfying the soul when we reprogram the subconscious in this way.

A deep happiness is found when we serve the interests of the soul. Spiritual development, music, art, poetry, literature, culture, all please the soul. Just re-introducing these interests can have a profound healing effect. How many have spent their lives wishing they had learned to play a musical instrument or developed drawing technique when young. 

People who had recurring cancers and who have finally addressed these desires, by starting piano lessons late in life, signalled something to the subconscious that triggered the healing mechanism that finally stopped their cancer.  

The following method is one of the most effective for training the subconscious to heal. 

Nine Year Plan:

One of the most important tools for rebuilding our reality from one of sickness, suffering and death to one of productivity, healing and life, is the nine year plan. 

A nine year plan will signal to the subconscious that we expect to be around for at least nine years. Considering most oncological stats give us from 3 months to 5 years, we are telling the subconscious that we will not die within that timeframe. 

We can add activities to the nine year plan that will make us a new and different person. This in itself is an important technique, because if we can create a new person through a new set of interests, we don’t find ourselves mourning the loss of the old person, the person who existed before the cancer diagnosis. We could never do many of the things we once did as well or for as long and attempting to and comparing ourselves with our old standards leads to anger and frustration. This is the time to choose new talents and it is also the time to turn our attention to the deeper things in life, to the needs of the soul. 

Our nine year plan should be comprised of new habits chosen by the soul not by financial interests. Exercise, playing a musical instrument, art, writing, meditation, none of these bring financial advantage, but they will bring a deep seated sense of satisfaction that tells us our soul is now our ally in this healing journey. 

The routine should leave time for rest and it should be flexible. It is not so important how long we spend on a subject at first, as it is that we do it daily without fail and with increasing inner focus.

We should always wake our minds up first thing and we should signal to the subconscious that we have returned to the routine.

The following routine is that used by the author. It is given by time increments rather than actual time. There will be times when we need more rest, so we simply start the routine from the beginning when we wake up. Please bear in mind, this routine was designed around a seriously  energy compromised condition. If an opportunity for a walk in the  woods  or any of the many other activities we engage in in our natural response to life arises, we fit it in, and we return to the routine when we can. The routine becomes the foundation to our lives, but it doesn’t rule our lives.

Example Routine:

·  15 minutes -light breakfast,

·  15 minutes-news, markets

·  15 minutes drawing practice

·  15 minutes classical guitar practice

·  15 minutes shower

·  2 hours qi gong/yoga

·  1 hour breakfast, reading 

·  2 hours household chores, phone calls, rest and lunch

·  4 hours professional writing

.   Relaxation

This accounts for 10 hours and 15 minutes  of the day. Some of the benefits of such a routine:

1.  It gives us a strong sense that we will live a long time because we see what we expect to have accomplished by that time and it is becoming increasingly real by the day.

2.  It gives us an extremely deep sense of satisfaction, because we are finally paying attention to the wishes of the soul. These are very different from the wishes of the material ego. Learning to play a musical instrument later in life illustrates this difference. When we are young, we constantly self-reflect, evaluating everything we do by how we think it will make us look to ourselves and others. A strong part of our motivation to learn an instrument at that age is performance and the adulation that comes with it. Late in life we learn to play an instrument so we can make music for ourselves—even if no one ever hears us play. 


3.  It sends deep signals that reverberate beyond the subconscious deep enough that they can change our material reality. When we are positive, we attract positive, this is a feature of these powerful subtle forces we have activated, they are, unlike magnetic forces, attracted to their own polarity. Coincidences become commonplace and expected. Healers, teachers, the people we need to meet appear magically. All we did was practiced our routine. 

4.  It builds self-confidence. This is strong and deep inner confidence of the soul, not the fleeting insecurity of the ego. We will need this self-confidence when dealing with doctors and even friends and family. This is an inner self-confidence, not something we need to prove. 

5.  It sends positive signals to our friends and family that we are happy and we believe we will get better, and we will do everything possible to achieve this. Our happiness makes them happy, and this creates another powerful type of mental emotional healing force. We are not only retraining ourselves with our new routine, but also those around us to view the experience more positively. If we can remove the fear from our loved ones as well as from ourselves, we will have done invaluable healing work. 

6.  We develop new interests, which then lead to other new interests and soon we are deep in to an entirely new world. When we pursue interests of the soul, that joy of learning we may have felt when younger returns and this too sends a strong rejuvenating signal to the subconscious mind. 

7.  We will learn the important lessons in life. At death, we are not evaluated by how much money we had, but by how much time we spent developing our soul. The School of Earth reveals lessons only after the previous lesson is completed and we are ready. The routine will start this process. Learning lessons of the soul has the strange effect of progressively diminishing the fear of death. Perhaps part of that fear is knowing that no matter how good we are at fooling ourselves and those around us, we will at the time of death be held accountable for the work we did in developing our soul, the purpose of our sojourn in the material world. 


8.  It provides conscious stability. There will be many upsetting meetings with oncologists, but with a routine to fall back into, it is remarkable how quickly we start feeling positive again. When we know we have done our routine we can truly relax and this is essential as our healing is done during deep sleep. 

9.  We will likely find over time nightmares no longer fill our nights and instead we are dreaming along the lines of our routine. Fears, anxieties, anger—all of these eventually dissipate. After months of following such a routine and seeing the benefits, we will find we may find we have never felt better about our lives. This is the state of self-honesty. We are no longer spinning ourselves to others, we don’t need to anymore. All of these cleanses the toxic waste of ego patterns from the subconscious and leaves the body free to heal.

Stress Reduction

Turning inward, embracing our predicament as a learning experience and an opportunity to make years our lifetime of spiritual theory practical, is one of the most effective ways of reducing the stress caused by cancer. 

Stress can be even more dangerous to our health than cancer because it is one the few things that shuts down the immune system. We will be spending a lot of time in and out of hospitals during the ordeal, and they are the hotbed of disease and no place for an inactive immune system.

Inner work lets us find and familiarize ourselves with an inner place that we can return to at will, shutting down the noise of the external world. Fear is probably the loudest noise we will have to deal with and developing the ability to return to a quiet inner place that is untouched by fear, one that we go to in a second, is a good initial practice, because the negative emotions cancer inflames make clear thinking difficult.

One of the most common causes of stress for cancer victims is the fear of dying and the feeling that our lives are now in the hands of doctors and no longer in their own. By meditating and cultivating our inner lives as a healing method, this sense of control is restored and the deeper we engage it, the stronger our self-confidence becomes. 

Making a sincere study of our health protocol and its many facets which includes the science of the fats, nutrition, qi gong, and inner work also builds necessary self-confidence. 

Accepting that we alone are ultimately responsible for our healing is far more freeing than it sounds. Reading about our hidden potential, about those who have gone before us and found a way and studying the long history of human spiritual development, arms us with knowledge, the most important defensive tool in combatting the ignorance that surrounds cancer.

Regaining control of our lives, accepting cancer as a challenge that will make us stronger, that will bring out the best in us and force us to use latent abilities we may never have otherwise discovered, is one of the best ways of relieving the stress caused by cancer and its conditions.  

Cannabis and Cancer

Since the initial showing of Weeds, the first of four documentaries done on medical cannabis, by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, attitudes towards cannabis use in healing have changed globally.  Those who use chemotherapy have for a long time, known of the value of cannabis as a natural medicine that eliminates the need of many of the other medications prescribed for cancer.  High CBD cannabis oil is a viable and effective substitute for anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills, painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Nothing gives a better, natural good night’s sleep than high CBD cannabis oil. It is a well known fact that optimum healing takes place while in the sleep state.

 Many peer reviewed clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of cannabis to assist certain chemo and immunomodulating drug therapies in fighting cancer by up to 50 percent. 

Cannabis does much more than this for cancer. Here are a list of its less quantifiable benefits:

  1. It improves appetite. One of the most dangerous side effects of cancer is cachexia, a condition of extreme weight loss and muscle atrophy, brought about by the drugs, the disease and severe loss of appetite. 

  2.  It gives a lift in energy that can keep us feeling productive.

  3.  It mitigates pain, but without the horrible side effects of opiate pain killers that suffocate the cell and often causes addiction. It is impossible to become addicted to or overdose from cannabis, because it does not affect the brain stem like opiates do. 

  4.  It internalizes the attention. It makes the experience of meditation easier at first and gives someone new to this form of inner exploration a taste of the potential that lies waiting in this last unexplored frontier.

  5. Growing cannabis is also a very rewarding tool for developing patience and returning a degree of control to the critically ill.

    There is a deep sense of satisfaction in growing one’s own medicine!






Gaia Green is a dry, organic blend fertilizer that is mixed directly into the soil. It is applied every four weeks and makes it impossible to over or under fertilize.

Use 4-4-4 for vegetative growth 

10 Kg. Bag (you will need a lot of this)

Use 2-8-4 for flowering

An excellent organic granular fertilizer for general garden use. This complete fertilizer combines the best of the Gaia products for an outstanding organic blend PURCHASE


Cloth Bags


Cloth Pots: These are 5 gallon thick black bags that allow the roots to breathe. One of the most difficult features of growing is watering, because water buildup tends to rot the roots of fast growing cannabis and cloth bags eliminate these problems, for they allow the roots to breathe. PURCHASE

Grow Lights


For, a small (3’x4′) grow area that will accommodate 4 plants, this 1000 W LED Grow lamp is suggested. 

It eliminates many of the problems created by more expensive High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps.

They run cool, can change spectrum to accommodate growth and flowering stages without changing bulbs and are very inexpensive. PURCHASE



Pro-Mix BX is a General purpose peat-based growing medium containing, a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum

These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize the root systems working in symbiosis with plants

Contains: Canadian Sphagnum peat moss (75-85-Percentage/volume), Perlite, Vermiculite, Dolomitic and Calcitic limestone (pH adjuster), Wetting Agent and Mycorrhizae PURCHASE




Cannabis Seeds are legal in Canada but there can be problems when importing them from outside the country. 

This is why we recommend the True North Seed Bank for Canadian buyers, seeds arrive in a few days and there are no customs issues. PURCHASE

Books on Cannabis


There are a number of excellent books on the market on the topics of growing cannabis and the science behind it. Here are some of the best books to start with.

Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s  Clint Werner.

Marijuana Killed My Cancer by Michael Karohs.

The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing for Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use by Greg Green PURCHASE


Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis can be a daunting task for the beginner. There is so much information available on the Internet and so many opinions. Therefore, we have provided a foolproof method  for the cancer patient  wishing to grow 1-4 plants. In Canada, anyone can grow four plants indoors legally.

There are ongoing debates about the advantages of hydroponic growing over soil growing and for the expert these are of interest, but they will only confuse the novice.  The plant takes about 20 weeks from seed to harvest and faulty growing techniques often don’t become apparent until well into the cycle. The following method is virtually foolproof.


Materials Needed:



Most important are good seeds and the right seeds. We suggest a strong CBD strain and a strong THC strain. Always buy femininized seeds. Male plants are good only for fertilizing female plants if you wish to create your own seeds.

Two recommended, more or less foolproof strains are King Tut for high THC (Canuk Seeds) up to 31 percent THC. For high CBD and low THC Candida by Medical Marijuana Genetics (20 percent CBD and .5 percent THC). This CBD strain is sativa based, therefore gives the patient a lift, without the drowsiness normally associated with CBD, although it still has the positive CBD effects.

Cloth Pots

These are 5 gallon thick black bags that allow the roots to breathe. One of the most difficult features of growing is watering, because water buildup tends to rot the roots of fast growing cannabis and cloth bags eliminate these problems, for they allow the roots to breathe. 

Peat Soil mix. We suggest this over potting soil because it enables the roots to breathe more easily. The ideal formula for those wishing to mix their own is half and half good potting soil with peat. Add to this about 5 percent perlite. A perfect pre-mixed solution is  Promix BX 2-8.

Fertilizer: Gaia Green 4-4-4 mix for the 10 week vegetative phase and Gaia Green 2-8-4 for the flowering phase. Mix the appropriate amount about 125 ml of fertilizer per pot into the soil once a month. Once flowering starts, do half and half then after four weeks, straight 2-8-4. Do not fertilize during the last two weeks before harvest. This system prevents the second more common beginner mistake—over or under fertilization. The grow room will smell a little like a barn for a day or two each month, but it is not an unpleasant smell.

Lights:  There are now many good lighting systems available. Cannabis requires a minimum of 600 watts or the equivalent and we suggest a LED set up to start with. Traditionally, growers use HID (High Intensity Discharge)  for the vegetative phase and MH (Metal Halide) for the flowering phase as it provides a cooler blue light important to this stage. The disadvantages of these lights are they are hot and take up more energy than florescent or LED lights. However their light penetrates deeper. 

 The best way to grow cannabis is outdoors since the sun’s penetration, the wind and the natural condition of the soil all make growing outside foolproof if you have a protected garden.

Seeds should be germinated using a slightly damp paper towel kept in a plastic baggie. Once germinated, they can be put directly in the soil. Do not fertilize until the plants are about 4  inches tall.

Change lights from HID to MH (vegetative to flowering) after about ten weeks of growth or after plants are over 20 inches tall. They can grow another 50 percent in height once flowering starts. Flowering usually lasts from 8-10 weeks. At that time the crystals forming on the buds will begin to turn amber. These can be seen with a 30x jeweller’s loupe.

Curing: At this point the plants can be harvested. It is best to cut the entire plant down, trim away all large leaves leaving just the buds, ball the roots in a plastic bag,  then hang it upside down in a dark room for two weeks. When the plant feels dry and crispy wrap it tightly in a garbage bag. Leave for a day or two and remove the bag and the plants will be moist and juicy again. Let them dry for a few more days then wrap again. Continue this process until the plants remain dry and brittle even after being wrapped in plastic. The branches should snap when bent. 

Cut the plant down and remove the buds. The buds and trim can be used in making oil. Store in an airtight jar with packages of desiccant in a dark space. Cannabis is degraded by light. 

Cannabis Oil Recipe

The most popular method of making oil involves the use of alcohol and fire, so this seems inappropriate for the cancer patient. 

There are many ways of making cannabis oil, but the following method requires no heating and adds the extra component of high Omega 6 sunflower oil. 



2 cups of dried, finally crushed cannabis flowers or small leaves that are trimmed off of the buds (never use large fan leaves)

2 litres of cold pressed sunflower seed oil

1 -2 litre mason jar

Cheese cloth and paper towels

A colander or strainer. 

Steel bowl.

Freezer bag.

Tin foil

(Note: This can be done in smaller amounts using the 1-3 or 1-4 ratio of dried flowers or small leaves to oil- 1 part leaves to 4 parts oil)


1.  Take two cups of dried leaves crushed finely by hand. Put in a freezer bag and freeze overnight to loosen the crystals.

2.  Create an air tight tinfoil bag by closing the four edges. Put cannabis leaves in this envelope and seal. Place in a 240 F oven for 30 minutes. This is called carboxylation. Keeping the bag airtight prevents evaporation of the terpenes, an important component. It further loosens the crystals. Allow bag to cool completely. (Note this step  is not necessary for CBD oil).

3.  Put leaves in a blender for a few seconds. (optional)

4.  Put the leaves in 2 litre mason jar and add 1.5 litres of cups of cold-pressed sunflower seed oil (keep remaining half for rinsing later).

5.   Shake vigorously once a day. Store in dark cupboard and shake it daily for 3 or 4 days. 

6.  Strain the mixture using a layer of cheese cloth over a colander or food strainer, then three layers of paper towels. Place over a steel bowl. Once leaves are strained, pour the remaining  half litre  of sunflower seed oil to rinse.

7.  Allow this to drain until oil is dry as possible and squeeze leaves dry the next day.

8.  The oil should be slightly green and completely clear. Store oil in dark container in refrigerator. The oil will be degraded by light. Pour off a small jar and keep in a dark cupboard. Use a half to one tsp. depending on strength. 

We strongly encourage anyone growing cannabis to take advantage of the excellent information available on the Internet. This method of growing and making oil will get anyone started.

Dying and Reincarnation

Death and Reincarnation

Viewing Death

One of the most effective commitments someone dedicated to overcoming cancer can make is to discover a better way of seeing death, a way that takes away the fear and mystery. In a materialistic society, death is terrifying, but in a spiritual society it is treated with reverence and respect, like an old friend who has come to take us home to rest. Fear can impede the immune system and cancer and oncological stats can create a near permanent state of subliminal stress if we see death as the end.

Eastern culture sees death as a change of dimensions, the end of a chapter, but not the book. Now Western science is beginning to agree because alternative science is making new discoveries each day that support the Eastern model of death. Near Death Experiences, childhood reincarnation and deep hypnotic past life regression are all pointing to the truth of a soul that continues on. As we grow to understand and adopt this model, we will find our fear of death begins to recede. Since the state of fear makes it difficult to heal, gaining a less fearful understanding of death is an important step in healing. 

It is important not to confuse a simple acceptance of death when we are diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes it is easier to die than to live. This is often an argument made by cancer victims who look at their grim prospects. Easterners tell us that that it is our responsibility to fight for our lives no matter how grim the prospects or how overwhelming the odds are against us. This is our contract with the Creator. It is often during these most extreme moments that miracles occur.

When we refuse to accept the negative medical prognosis our oncologist gives us, we send a signal to the body and to the soul. This alone can alter the forces of the universe to align to help us. When we refuse to give up so easily, show the Creator we are willing to work to help ourselves. Benjamin Franklin’s statement, “God helps those who help themselves” is probably more important once we face cancer than it has ever been at any other time in our lives. 

When our will to live is compromised, we must cultivate it by building a new future, new goals and most of all, new hope to replace that which we lost the day we received the diagnosis

First, let us some of the foundational principles of the Eastern approach to death


Easterners believe in reincarnation and the eternality of the soul. Western researchers are now confirming the truth of this through studies of thousands of cases of “life between life” and near death experience case histories (NDE). The work of Dr. Michael Newton and the hundreds of hypnotists he has trained who have contributed and even cross referenced these beyond life testimonies. They provide irrefutable evidence that the universe is mental not material, intelligent and multi-dimensional. 

Dr. Ian Stevenson served as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine. Starting in 1961 he studied children who spontaneously remembered past lives. He continued his work for 40 years. He studied children whose past lives could be factually validated, because children “were less likely to fabricate.”  He and his colleagues studied over 2500 childhood past life memory cases  and with 1567 of these cases, the past life personality was identified through research. 

As well, he found that children remembering past lives is a common occurrence, especially in the East. In the West, parents discourage and stifle such talk as nonsense. This begins around 3 and continues, on average, to around 7.

A model of reality based on an intelligent mental universe can explain the mechanics and purpose of reincarnation. A model of reality based on a material universe cannot.

Even modern science is beginning to accept that the Eastern model is a more accurate one than the Newtonian material model we of the West were born into.

The Eastern model of reality offers hope. Whatever good we do in this lifetime can carry over.  In a mental universe, we can change our external circumstances by changing our thoughts and emotions. Most important, we can, like the mystics, yogis and Taoists who came before us, make a life-time study of the subtle forces and the universal laws of these forces, and learn to cooperate with them and to control them. They are difficult to see from a Western materialist perspective, but critical illness makes it much easier. 

This is why we strongly suggest exploring this model in our journey of healing critical illness. 



Soul Plane and Life Between Life

Dr. Michael Newton Books

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

This was Dr. Newton’s first book. We recommend these two although there are subsequent books as well. 

Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. Journey of Soulsis the record of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths. Through their extraordinary stories, you will learn specifics about:

  • How it feels to die

  • What you see and feel right after death

  • The truth about “spiritual guides”

  • What happens to “disturbed” souls

  • Why you are assigned to certain soul groups in the spirit world and what you do there

  • How you choose another body to return to Earth

  • The different levels of souls: beginning, intermediate, and advanced

  • When and where you first learn to recognize soulmates on Earth

  • The purpose of life

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

“Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls are two of the most fascinating books I have ever read.”—Academy Award-Winning Actress and Author Shirley MacLaine

A pioneer in uncovering the secrets of life, internationally recognized spiritual hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton takes you once again into the heart of the spirit world. His groundbreaking research was first published in the bestselling Journey of Souls, the definitive study on the afterlife. Now, in Destiny of Souls, the saga continues with 70 case histories of real people who were regressed into their lives between lives. Dr. Newton answers the requests of the thousands of readers of the first book who wanted more details about various aspects of life on the other side. Destiny of Souls is also designed for the enjoyment of first-time readers who haven’t read Journey of Souls.

Explore the meaning behind your own spiritual memories as you read the stories of people in deep hypnosis, and learn fascinating details about:

  • Our purpose on Earth

  • Soul mates and spirit guides

  • Spiritual settings and where souls go after death

  • Soul travel between lives

  • Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living

  • The soul-brain connection

  • Why we choose certain bodies


On Death and Dying

Those who wish to find a more uplifting, view on the topic of death will find an excellent chapter in The Wisdom of the Overself: Chapter-The Scorpion of Death. This lays out the actual process and we hope, will remind the patient there is nothing to fear. 

In keeping with the site’s policy of choosing two of the best books or resources in each category in order not to overwhelm the cancer patient, on the topic of Conscious Death, or the act of using the dying experience for constructive spiritual work we recommend:

Graceful Exits: How Great Beings Die


From Amazon:

Graceful Exits offers valuable guidance in the form of 108 stories recounting the ways in which Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Zen masters, both ancient and modern, have confronted their own deaths. By directly presenting the grace, clarity, and even humor with which great spiritual teachers have met the end of their days, Blackman provides inspiration and nourishment to anyone truly concerned with the fundamental issues of life and death.

Mind of Clear Light: Advice on Living Well and Dying Consciously

“Everyone dies, but no one is dead,” goes the Tibetan saying. It is with these words that Advice on Dying takes flight. Using a seventeenth-century poem written by a prominent scholar-practitioner, His Holiness the Dalai Lama draws from a wide range of traditions and beliefs to explore the stages we all go through when we die, which are the very same stages we experience in life when we go to sleep, faint, or reach orgasm (Shakespeare’s “little death”). 

The stages are described so vividly that we can imagine the process of traveling deeper into the mind, on the ultimate journey of transformation. In this way, His Holiness shows us how to prepare for that time and, in doing so, how to enrich our time on earth, die without fear or upset, and influence the stage between this life and the next so that we may gain the best possible incarnation. As always, the ultimate goal is to advance along the path to enlightenment. Advice on Dying is an essential tool for attaining that eternal bliss.

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