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Read below to find out about some happy cleints and their testimonials:

Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Alison was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 1992 at age 28, back to the age of 10 years old. Her partner Gary Lynch and her family were told by her Doctors that by the time she reached her 40th birthday she would be spoon-fed and living full-time in a Nursing Home.

In 2004 because of feeling so much better and losing over two hundred pounds, Alison got up out of her wheelchair and ran for Federal Office for the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) in Oakville, Ontario (where she grew up) and more than DOUBLED the Votes!

It was an epic year for Alison as she not only stayed on her feet for the first forty years of her life but she had run for Federal Office and garnered INTERNATIONAL attention. The wonderful thing was Alison had NOT been locked up in a Nursing Home barely able to feed herself as so many medical Professionals had predicted BECAUSE of these products!

Alison has been taking a regime of essential fatty acids, (EFA’s) vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants AND medically prescribed cannabis for chronic progressive MS and an excruciating pain in her face (that she has suffered from for over twenty-five years, twenty-four hours a day) and continues to lead a very full and exciting life to this day.

A big thank you goes out to her mother Joyce Myrden for finding these men and to Dr. David Horribin, Paul Beatty, Gary Lynch and the entire Life Saving Fats Team!
I am alive and kicking thanx to these incredible products!
Love and a HUGE Squish,

Alison Myrden

Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada
Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Federal Candidate for the NDP
Oakville, Ontario 2004
New Democratic Party of Canada
Speaker for LEAP from 2004

Alison Myrden

Burlington Ontario

November 2012


Phone: 905-681-8287

Bi-Polar Disorder

I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Affective Disorder. Receiving a mental health diagnosis was devastating for me, to say the very least. It was especially crushing because I was a type-A personality, a go-getter in every sense of the word and now I was being told that I could not even trust my own thoughts and emotions anymore. It tore my life to pieces in many ways. My marriage fell apart as a result. I was living in British Columbia at the time and I had to quit my job and move back to my hometown in Ontario to be closer to family and try to deal with this overwhelming and unexpected health issue that was quickly affecting every aspect of my life.
That same year I met Paul Beatty at one of his lectures on EFA’s (essential fatty acids). He was promoting certain natural food supplements; one in particular that was developed by the late Dr. David Horrobin, a scientist out of the UK who saved Paul’s life back in the early 1990s. Paul was so physically ill with a host of issues that his doctor had literally sent him home to die. I found Paul’s story of recovery fascinating.

Now, unfortunately, back in 2004 this information was still relatively unheard of and at the time I really knew nothing about natural food supplements or about how effective they might be when taken in the proper ratios. As a result, I sat with this information for eight long years and did not take Paul’s advice on how I could naturally treat this mental health disorder. Instead, I continued on an intense regime of medications, roller-coastering for many years with many relapses that included three major suicide attempts in a very short period of time. One of these attempts left me in a coma for three days and doctors were unsure whether or not I might awaken with permanent brain damage as a result of this latest overdose. Thankfully for my mother’s fervent prayers, I survived that ordeal with my brain intact. It was a nightmare of life though.

The first main drug I was put on after the initial diagnosis was Lithium Carbonate. Aside from feeling like a zombie on this drug, the other side effect I experienced was suicidal thoughts. I later estimated that this was a side effect of this particular drug because I was put on a plethora of other psychotropic medications since then and never had suicidal thoughts on any other medication. This is not to say the other drugs had no side effects. They all did, just not this particular side effect.

As an aside: I later found out that psychologist, Dr. John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus) had a brother with the same diagnosis, on the same drug, who died from suicide. He, too, attributes his brother’s suicide to a side effect of taking Lithium Carbonate. Dr. Gray has an interesting video on YouTube in which he speaks about his brother’s death. It was interesting to me, particularly when he explains in the video that a brain like ours (mine and his brother’s) are physically moving faster than most brains, taking up nutrients at a more rapid rate than the average brain. So this makes sense as to why the brain cells of someone with this genetic information (Bi-Polar or Schizophrenic genes, for example) in their DNA would be more prone to nutrient deficiencies that would result in a breakdown in the cell membrane which in our case manifests itself in these mental and emotional breakdowns.

Additionally, I think this description of the “rapid brain” explains the link between mental illness and the creative mind (great comedians like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey come to mind). A good resource I found on this phenomenon is a book written by a clinical psychologist who was also given a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Affective Disorder (a.k.a. Manic-Depression). Her name is Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison and her book is entitled An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness. Her journey, too, is quite an interesting one.

Now within these eight years of my life, I was in a common-law relationship during which time my son was born. Not surprisingly, I fell ill with severe post-partum depression within weeks of his birth, resulting in another hospitalization. I was on a drug called Seroquel at the time my son was conceived and at six months of age, he was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder that left him developmentally delayed. It was some time after this that I finally picked up the phone and called Paul out of the blue and asked for this EFA information again. This time I was more than ready to give it a try.

I started on the EFA supplements in 2012. I took a daily ratio of 1 cod liver oil to 3 evening primrose oil (Efamol). I also made many dietary changes that Paul recommended and within months I noticed great physical improvements in my overall health. The first thing I noticed was the disappearance of a head-to-toe body rash that I had been dealing with for a couple of years. I was told that it was stress-related and it was something for which there was no medical treatment available. After only a couple of months on the fats, the rash completely disappeared and has not returned again.

After a few years on these fats (and the introduction of other high-quality vitamins and minerals in which I was found to be very deficient), I noticed the gradual disappearance of my chronic back pain that was related to an old injury. Today the pain, that was quite unbearable and completely debilitating at times, is almost completely non-existent. Also, I used to get cold sores on my lips frequently and now I hardly ever get them. I used to have heavy and painful menstrual periods for which I used to take over-the-counter pain medication every month for days at a time, and now I was noticing that I was no longer in need of any pain killers. Those symptoms are all gone and my periods are more regular now than they have ever been. My skin is clearer and shinier now in my mid 40’s compared with when I was twenty years younger.

Once I experienced these incredible results, I started my son on these supplements and have noticed great gains in his health, as well. At the time, my son was going bald at the front of his head and his hands and feet were always cold to the touch. I would later learn through the limited research available on the diagnosis he was given (4XY Syndrome), that poor circulation was a known symptom. After a couple of months on the fats, my son’s hair grew back and his hands and feet were no longer cold. Overtime, his behavior also improved with fewer to no tantrums. Even when he would get frustrated, his ability to bounce back and calm himself dramatically improved. I also noticed his concentration and attention span increased, especially since I doubled his dosage about a year and a half ago to help with his impaired cognitive function. He now takes 2 cod liver oil to 6 Efamol daily. Overall, I have seen remarkable improvements.

Both of our immune systems have become incredibly stronger over the years as well. It seemed that we used to catch every virus going around and would be on antibiotics several times in a year for strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Neither of us has been on antibiotics for several years now since starting the EFA’s. If we do catch a cold now the symptoms are very mild and they go away quickly, sometimes within hours.

Today, I am medication-free. This is a major event for me. I was very scared to ever come off these medications because I was led into thinking that I could not live without them with such a diagnosis. I won’t say too much more about the medications, only that I was put on various different ones over the years and they worked for perhaps the first few months; however, with long term use I experienced horrific side effects on many of them.

I feel the need to include a disclaimer at this point: I am not a medical professional and I am in no way advocating for anyone reading this to come off of their medications. I did so of my own free will, largely against the advice of medical professionals, and have taken control of my own health. It has been a very long and very taxing journey in which I had to educate myself, where mainstream education on the subject was lacking or very misinformed. This is simply my personal story that I am sharing and is not intended as medical advice. I essentially had to experiment with my own bio-chemistry to get to where I am today.

One of the major set-backs I experienced over the years was back in January of 2016 (the most recent relapse). Prior to this time, I had been off medication for over a year and a half and all was going well. Then in the fall of 2015, I thought that I could perhaps begin cutting back on some of the supplements, including the fats. Bad idea. The following January, I had a relapse that resulted in a three-week hospitalization. This turned out to be the biggest nightmare of my life. While I was in hospital, my son went to the care of my siblings (as his father had long since left the picture and my mom had passed away several years prior). This turned out to be too challenging for my family and after two weeks of my being in the hospital, the local Family Services apprehended my son and he was placed into foster care.

Thus, began a long nine-month battle in the courts to get him back. This was not due to the fact that I was in any way harmful to my child or neglectful at all, in fact, the strongest argument that the Society could come up with was that I did not say ‘no’ enough to my child, and I did not make him ‘wait enough’ for things he wanted. The only reason they wanted to keep my child from me was simply due to this mental health diagnosis. It had nothing to do with my parenting. I could fill a book simply on this part of my journey, but I will briefly say that it was a great lesson to learn about the stigma of mental illness that so clearly still exists in our society, especially in our legal system. Thankfully, I had a most exceptional lawyer who forcefully advocated for us. I think that this, coupled with the fact that I am as well-spoken as I am, was enough to turn the tables in our favour. Otherwise, I shudder to think about what happens to other families in similar situations without these factors at play. I know that my son was returned to me only by the grace of God.

On that note, I wish to include a portion of my story specifically for Christian readers who may find this interesting. The other (and most important) thing that happened as a result of clearing my mind of these chemicals while bringing in the good quality nutrients it was starving for, was shortly after coming off my medications I was feeling mentally at peace again; and, the gospel finally made sense to me. As a result, in 2014 I got ‘saved’. This came after so many decades of being a very lost soul, following every fad religion and spiritual guru out there. I was even an atheist at one time in my life. This, for me, was the biggest miracle to come out of all of this. It was a very grounding and life-altering experience.

Since then, I have noticed many passages in the Bible (especially the old KJV) that mention the word ‘fat’ and the idea of God blessing His people with fat – adding fat to their marrow, etc. I do not see this as mere coincidence. When I began to understand Dr. Horrobin’s findings I began to realize the reason these fats are called ‘essential’. It is my belief that God, our creator, wired us this way. This is the point at which, I believe, that the spiritual and the scientific worlds merge. I believe that my spiritual well being and my bio-chemical well being are working in tandem to keep me stable and healthy today.

I am pleased to report that after more than a decade of major ups and downs and what was quickly becoming a life without direction or hope, I just completed my first year of university taking a 60% course load and finished with a 96% overall average. I am working toward completing a degree in French with a goal of becoming a high school teacher in a few years. I know that I could not have done this without the balance of the fats in my diet. My concentration has greatly increased since starting the fats and my moods have stabilized back to normal levels. I feel like my old, ‘normal’ self again from before the dreaded diagnosis.

I would like to state clearly that I do not believe that I am ‘cured’ of this mental disease. If I were, I think I would not even need supplements. However, I have learned the hard way that a cure is not an end result, but rather an ongoing process of healing. It is a delicate balancing act of a daily regimen of good sleep, proper nutrition, stress reduction, and spiritual wellness. It is a continuous routine that requires me to be aware of what my body and my spirit need on a daily basis. I take none of this for granted.

I am very thankful to my friend, Paul Beatty for his continued efforts on furthering the important work of the late Dr. David Horrobin. I am amazed at how tirelessly Paul works, day in and day out, to help people around the world overcome their physical suffering completely against all odds; as he has done for me, my son, as well as other family and friends. I was so excited when Paul told me that he was finally sitting down to write a book on the subject. I am honoured to be asked to add my story to the legion of healing testimonies resulting from the effectiveness of Dr. Horrobin’s scientific research. Clearly, the man was years ahead of his time.

To the readers of this book who may be suffering from health issues: it is my hope that this information will help turn your despair to encouragement. I hope it empowers you to know that your body, like mine and every other human body, was designed in such a way to heal itself when given the right tools and environment to do so. Please know you are not alone in your suffering and whatever you do, please do not give up hope. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for listening to my story.



Cecilia Di Benedetto
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sept. 1st, 2018

Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Autism


Wesley was diagnosed with POD/Autism at age 3. He is now 9. Since August 1, 2004, we have

been giving Wesley a combination of the following, 3 Efamols, 1 teaspoon of Ascenta Nutra Sea

fish oil, 2 Melaleuca Provex’s and 4 Vita Bears.

After the first 3 weeks of giving this combination, we noticed a severe reduction in Wesley’s

thirst and consumption of juice. Also noticeable was a change in his gaze/stare. Wes’ “look” was

not a stare, but his eyes had meaning and he did not appear to be looking “through” us.

As the weeks passed there were also some initial physical changes. His hair is not coarse but

shiny, his skin is less dry and he has less eczema. His overall health has improved.

Since Wesley’s diet is not balanced, (understatement!) in the past Wes was sick more often.

This past winter he had only 1 cold and 1 bout of the flu.

Also, Wes’ asthma substantially reduced to where he was using 1 or 2 puffers per month.

We have been very consistent in ensuring that Wesley takes the supplements every day, rarely

does he miss out.

The cognitive changes we have seen are a major difference in his comprehension and ability to

link ideas. For example, at school, a teacher asked what Wesley had in his hands as she passed

him in the hall. His response was “chocolate milk” which was never the case in the past.

Overall, trying to retrieve words to create any idea is very difficult for Wes; however, in the last

few months, we have seen a change in this ability. He is able to “find” the words somewhat

easier. Others at his school have also realized the big change in Wesley’s abilities. He now

participates in Phys-ed. unlike the last term and was recently able to shoot the basketball with near


We know that Wesley still has the highs and lows that come with Autism, but we have

recognized that the highs last longer and the lows seem to be a minor kink.

Our motto will continue to be “slow and steady wins the race” but we are convinced that the

above EFA’s along with the high-quality vitamins and minerals have made a very notable

difference. To that end, my husband, our daughter as well as J have been using the same

products and are very satisfied.

Lynda Mouriopoulos April 28/05

Wesley Mouriopolos

Allergies and Dyslexia

My name is Susan Nicholas and ever since I can remember I’ve had difficulties with my brain

and my eyes being out of synch with each other. I was never diagnosed as being dyslexic while I

was at school. I didn’t know that was the name for my condition until I was visiting my mother

seven years ago, she realized something was the matter when I wrote a telephone number for

her back to front, not once but twice, all I got was a very knowing look which said, “So that’s

what’s been wrong with you!” I shrunk in silence, it had been discovered. I could never

understand what the problem was and was afraid to let on that there was one. I had thought of

speaking with my doctor but didn’t think that anyone could get into my head and fix it. I didn’t

want to take any drugs. As a child it was my secret constant fear … something was the matter

inside my head.

I became very self-conscious and shied away from any situation, which might show me up. As a

young child, I loved reading and composition but I would always stumble over words misread,

misspell, it was exasperating and embarrassing, anxiety and panic attacks became the norm

whenever I was asked to stand and read ….. I knew the words, what was wrong with me?! I

couldn’t even retain what I read. I loved math and couldn’t understand why I’d get things wrong

when I knew the answer. I had a very inquiring mind, I didn’t think I was stupid but I felt I was

perceived that way. I scraped through the compulsory academic subjects for my High School

examinations and thanks to several practical subjects did all right. The thought of going to

University or into anything that required studies and exams was terrifying and brought on a

state of debilitating anxiety. I felt I was different and it was frightening, I was always scared of

what might be going on in my head.

In January 2003, I met Dan Hebert who suggested that I might like to attend a workshop given

by Paul Beatty on Cellular Nutrition, Good Fats, Bad Fats, and How You Can Cheat Your Genetic

Inheritance. There on the flyer amongst other diseases that could be reversed was DYSLEXIA …

for the first time in my life, I could admit even to myself that I was dyslexic ….

without feeling embarrassed! There was a legitimate reason for this I thought to myself.

I went to the seminar and was so excited by what I heard I was in seventh heaven,

it made so much sense to me; at last, there was hope without drugs or brain surgery!

Paul explained that I was deficient in long-chain fats in the rod cells behind my eyes;

he explained that this was a genetic predisposition that I had inherited due to illnesses

in the background of my family.

I started taking the regimen that Paul suggested, Efamol (prescription grade Evening Primrose

Oil), a Wild Salmon Oil in the crucial ratio of 3-1 along with the specific supplements, and a CV

product to open up my cardiovascular system and protect these oils from oxidizing before they

got to the cells, a Vitamin/Mineral/Calcium Complex with Fructose Compounded Minerals to

trick the minerals into the cells by negating the electrical charge that all minerals have so no

toxicity attached to them and they would not be rejected by the cells, these then were able to

convert the oils into the lipid lining on the cells that I was deficient in. I also took (6 mg of

Lutein’s) to feed my eyes; as my vision was getting pretty bad, my dyslexia worse as I toyed with

a vegetarian diet. I switched my diet back to the one I’d evolved with.

In just under 3 months I was free of dyslexia, it went away so gradually that I suddenly noticed

one day that I was reading without muddling my letters! I am quite sure I have also had ADHD

all these years. My ability to retain information has improved considerably, the other effects of

all of these supplements have been improved vision, varicose veins and wrinkles diminishing,

better sleep, more energy, improved appearance of skin texture, hair and nails grow much

faster and are strong and healthy, it’s all been anti-aging.

For the last 17 years, I have been practicing Reiki; which is an ancient healing art.. … no written

examinations were needed for this! I was searching for tools and ways to heal myself for several years, I found out first hand where this therapy could help me with my health and where my genetic predisposition and nutritional deficiencies were limiting my physical healing. I now encourage my clients and students to look at these aspects on their path to wellness.

I am so grateful to Paul for sharing his knowledge, it has been life-changing for me and I feel so

much better about myself, I now thoroughly enjoy reading and writing, I would like everyone,

parents and children to have access to this knowledge so they can live their lives in the healthiest manner without the frustrations, limitations, and worry, being labeled or taking drugs.

Susan Nicholas co-founder of the Life-Saving Fats Team I Dyslexia, Allergies



Osteopenia, Eczema and PMS

In 2011 was diagnosed with mild osteopenia at the age of 37. My fracture risk was double that of normal.

In 2005 the neck of the femur had normal bone density and the spine indicated low fracture risk.

This was not achieved by weight-bearing exercise, as I have been quite inactive since a car

accident in 2003.

I’m four years older and the results indicate no further loss and a 4%increase in my hipbone mass density (BMD) from 2003 to 2005.

My Doctor at the time told me to mega dose on calcium and when asked about magnesium the doctor said just mega dose on calcium alone (advice which I did not act on).

At the time I could sleep 10 to 12 hours and still feel tired (meaning I was not getting restorative sleep).

My bone loss went from -14% to -12% from 2003 to 2005.

The drugs that treat bone loss cannot produce these results. The significant number is the 4% bone mass density increase.

In 2011 started to take the Paul’s suggested course of supplements.

I got rid of eczema and my PMS is reasonable instead of 2 weeks duration/month.

I sleep now like I did when I was a child, i.e. I fall asleep fast and get seven or eight hour’s

restorative sleep.


Virginia Hutton


Spina Bifada Myelomeningocele

“I was once on 13 prescriptions and now I am off of all drug therapies.”

I was born the second oldest of ten children in 1943 with Spina Bifida. The fifth was also born

with the same problem but she died within a short time after birth.

I’ve managed to get through, but all my adult life I’ve had pain because of scoliosis.

My doctor started giving me medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol

in the late eighties. By the mid-1990’s I was taking thirteen prescription drugs as well as an

aspirin a day.


I continued to suffer health problems and had a heart attack in 2000. An angioplasty was

necessary soon after, so they put in two stints. As I got older my spine continued to curve and

forced my ribs to squeeze my lungs and reduce my blood oxygen level.

I went for an elbow operation for a bone infection and as they tested my blood oxygen level

prior to the operation they found it was 71. They canceled the operation and decided to put

me on oxygen 24 hours per day and treat the infection with IV antibiotics. After 10 weeks the

infection was gone but with the extra medications in addition to my normal ones I was feeling

very poorly.


My friends threw a birthday party for me when I turned 60 years old on June 13, 2003. I was

really feeling bad and felt it would not be much longer before I die.


Bumping into an old acquaintance ended up saving my life. She had been after me for weeks to

attend a workshop to hear a health expert. I finally gave in and agreed to attend. It was in July

when I first met Mr. Paul Beatty. I sat through the evening and was very impressed with his

presentation and knowledge.


I started taking his EFA & Vitamin Regiment in July 2003. It was then that I decided to take my

health care into my own hands.


As soon as I received my first shipment of the supplement pack and the essential fatty acids, I

immediately stopped taking Upitor and the aspirin a day. As the other prescriptions ran out I

stopped taking them as well.


Within a month I was not taking any prescription drugs and to this day continue taking the

vitamin pack and essential fatty acids. My health problems are now maintained at levels as

good or better than when I was on medication. I feel so great that I’m going to live to 140 years



I started on oxygen in February 2003 my blood oxygen level was at 71. I was re-tested in July

when I started the new pills and I was still at 71. After taking Paul’s vitamins and essential

fatty acids I was tested again in December 2003 and the blood oxygen level was 86. In May 2004 I

was tested again and it was 94. Every few months I get tested and it currently runs between 96-

98. The normal blood oxygen level in a healthy adult would be 98-100.


Eliminating the side effects from the prescription drugs improved my health measurably, but

Paul Beatty’s program gave me dramatic results. Some of the pain was still present so I started

taking a specific Glucosamine product. After a few months, all of my back and leg pain



I feel better now than I have felt for decades. If my story can help anyone have a better life,

then it will have been worth it.


Terry Little

Severe brain injury to 90% recovery

I began my electronics’ career at Devry in 1975, which by 1987 had culminated to a video/

computer repair business employing three technicians and I counter person. The business was

a warranty depot for 26 different electronic equipment manufacturers. Things were looking

rosy until February 1987, when a forty-foot, thirty thousand pound ship to shore container

struck my car on highway 400. I suffered multiple injuries apparent at that time, but the most

debilitating injury would not be recognized for almost two years.

For two years I thought I was ready for a rubber room until my mother handed me a

newspaper article that outlined all my symptoms thus giving my problems a name. Head Injury.

J was uplifted by this knowledge for about six months. Then the only head injury specialist at

the time in Ontario told me that the brain doesn’t heal, ever. Brain tissue and cartilage are the

only parts of the body that do not heal, but he said that people with a bad knee(s) can walk

again with assistance, like a cane. So I was to learn to function, with help. Frustration and anger

raged on as I realized that I would never “get better”.

Lightning temper and anger; cognitive problems; unanswerable depression; none or very little

short term memory and if distracted by anything, no memory. That was to be my lot in life?! I

instantly went from my Company’s largest asset to its’ largest liability. It was the end of

everything I knew and had lived for in 29 years.

After my year of Rehab was completed I continued my exercises to strengthen my back at the

local Recreation Center, three mornings a week. It was in the sauna (I befriended twenty or

more retired gentlemen, some over ninety) I learned that aging and brain injury result in almost

similar problems; except I seemed to age instantly and had no adjustment time. My customers,

suppliers, family, and friends have experienced my instant raging anger. My solution was to

avoid confrontation to the point of isolation. In addition to living in a cave, I also developed

external tricks like everything that must leave the house with me, must be placed in or on my


In 2000 I met Paul Beatty, and he thankfully has since been mentoring me. In spite of

understanding the science of human cells, my belief system wouldn’t allow me to completely

“get it”, until 2004 when Paul excitedly told me about the latest research just completed. I

knew that brains are seventy percent fat. He then told me about new research complete with

MRI, showing the growth of new brain cells including blood vessels, bypassing and surrounding the

damaged area!

I was already taking the fatty acids three to one ratio with the supplements for a year with

some improvement. I was spreading the 3:1 ratio over three days to save money. I decided to

increase the 3:1 ratio by taking it every day. Within about three months I had reversed about

90% of my problems!

In the Nineties it had been medically proven that my memory addressing system and frontal

lobes were permanently damaged, never to return. Thanks to the research of Dr. David Horribin

and the diligence of Paul Beatty, unless fatigued my brain now functions almost normally

when I compare to my past.

I don’t recommend Brain Injury Survivors tell their Insurance Companies about this. Anyone

who has suffered even one day of this hell deserves their due compensation.

Paul Beatty vitamins and minerals coupled with a daily dose of essential fatty

acids has changed my life and my health future. I no longer expect to fork out over $2000 a

month for retirement digs in the future because my body has fallen apart cell by cell. And the

twenty to thirty dollars a month I spend on me is pretty cheap and pretty intelligent health


Any questions? Call 705 722 0865. I’ll be glad to hear from you.


Jeff Poirier

Barrie, On

Women’s Issues, Lupis, Arthritis

Extreme Eczema, Women’s Issues, Lupus, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymyositis

Life with the Fats; A family’s story about how the fats have changed their lives.


Dad had suffered from extreme eczema for most of his childhood (18 years) only being offered topical cortisone cream which left his skin fragile and bleeding.  People commented that he looked like a street fighter with bleeding knuckles.  One doctor even commented that it was the worst case they had ever seen.

After 60 days on the fats and some much-needed zinc his eczema has been clear for almost 12 years. He took 6000 mg of evening primrose and 2000 mg of Carlson’s cod-liver oil and a zinc supplement.

He has now been 22 years without a trace of eczema.

Dad has a genetic condition called albinism and the two boys, aged 8 and 12, have very fair skin.  The family is against using tonnes of sunblock because of its potential harmful ingredients.

The children take the fats daily (1000 mg of evening primrose and 300 mg of fish oil) and are able to go out in the sun without the use of sunblock.  They are able to tolerate sunshine and have developed a healthy tan with no burning.  They, of course, use sunblock if they are out in a boat all day or at the beach, we but keep the use to a minimum.

Both pregnancies were amazing and delivery was simple and easy.  Both boys were easily delivered at home, with no complications.  The midwives even commented on the ease of the cervix dilation.

Mom took the fats 12 months prior to the pregnancies and during the full term of pregnancy.  Breastfeeding was easy as the fats helped with milk production.  Mom had enough milk to feed several babies.  LOL

She took 3000 mg of evening primrose and 1000 mg of Carlson’s cod-liver oil

Between the two pregnancies, mom experienced hyperemesis, a condition that the mother experiences extreme vomiting and often requires the use of IV hydration and supplementation.

Even though this condition resulted in the loss of that pregnancy, mom was able to correct the condition and go on to have a normal pregnancy afterward.  Doctors had commented that it would never happen and that mom would suffer in every subsequent pregnancy.  The fats proved them wrong and they have a healthy 8 years old to prove it.

Mom was diagnosed with Mixed connective tissue disease in 2012, which is a combination of Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Scleroderma and Polymyositis.  Initially, mom was on eleven different drugs (prednisone, dexilant, Percocet, rituximab, to name a few) that were making her very sick and the condition was not getting any better.

After a re-evaluation of the fats and an overhaul of all vitamins, minerals and dietary changes, mom is living with minimal medication and very high quality of life.  Mom is working full time, exercising and enjoying life.  Many others with this condition are on disability and suffering from pain and discomfort.

She is taking 6000 mg of evening primrose and 2000 mg of Carlson’s cod-liver oil, Magnesium, calcium, iron, B injections, and a multivitamin.

I first met Paul Beatty around 2005, when I opened Cancer Rehab Inc., Canada’s first cancer rehabilitation center.  Paul had so much to offer to the patients with cancer about reducing toxins in the home, essential fatty acids and proper nutrition.  I started the essential fatty acid regime immediately.

In 2006, I got pregnant.  I had the most amazing pregnancy and the easiest deliver ever.  At home, less than 10 hours, with no complications.  Thanks, Paul!!!

In 2012, after the birth of my second child, I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, and polymyositis).  I began to experience chronic widespread pain in my joints and muscles and chronic insomnia. My rheumatologist prescribed prednisone, vasodilators, bone-building pills, GERD medication, sleeping pills, pain killers and immunotherapy (4-hour infusions, 4 times a year, cost $22 000).  I just got worse and my liver was in big trouble due to the toxicity of the drugs.

At this point, I was barely able to get out of bed. I would get up and my husband would help me shower and dress. The fatigue was overwhelming and the pain was intense. The doctors were planning to write me off on full-time disability, never to work again.

This is when Paul stepped back into my life.  He reorganized my essential fatty acids, Mg, calcium, iron, and other vitamins.  Within a few months, I started feeling better. I abandoned almost all of the pharmaceutical drugs due to the side effects and started back on Paul’s regime. 

I know a full-time professor, full-time mom, able to work out a couple of times a week and hike.  Not too many people with my rare diagnosis are functioning as well as me.  I hope this message makes it to a few people with autoimmune diseases and encourages them to give something else a try. 

Thank you, Paul….you have helped me over and over again.

Jodi Steele

Welland, Ontario

Impaired Delta 6 Desaturase


Comment:  This testimonial is from a 43-year-old male who has felt unwell for over 20 years and has lived for over 20 years a holistic/organic lifestyle with continuing deterioration. I identified the background of impaired delta 6 desaturases. The remarks are after only 60 days of manipulating his eicosanoids and raising PGE1 levels from DGLA. 

Hi Paul,

I’m guessing you’re even busier than ever since launching the website. Don’t completely forget about your own needs in your full days. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very grateful for your honest advice and recommendations as I’ve noticed a significant improvement in many of my health issues since I started following your advice and the EFA supplement protocol. 

Improvements such as more hydrated skin, less joint pain, much better digestion, better sleep (haven’t slept so soundly in over 20 years), more energy, fewer food cravings, very significant reduction in chemical sensitivities, more stable moods, clearer thinking and interestingly enough more social. I also just feel more alive and more connected to my environment. Having lived for so long with the above issues gradually becoming more pronounced over time, regardless of what I’ve done, I just came to accept that it was an inevitable part of the aging process and there is not much that can be done to improve. I’m learning/experiencing this is not necessarily the case. I have new hope for my future and I want to thank you for the very significant role you have played in that renewal. 

Sincerely, your friend Anonymous



Pancreatic Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, at the time we were told that the tumor was
the size of a softball and wrapped around the portal vein with Metastasis to the Liver. We were
not told how much time he had left, but it was clearly understood that it was not much, we were
given absolutely no hope.

A friend heard about my husband’s diagnosis and introduced us to his friend Joette who was
diagnosed with colorectal cancer and Lima who was diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine Tumor.
Both were given approximately 6 months to live and that was 10 years before I was introduced
to them.

They told me about a seminar they attend by Paul Beatty and the benefits of Essential Fatty
Acids. They started taking the Essential Fatty Acids along with Vitamins Minerals and an
Antioxidant, they removed sugar and white flour from there diets and add more fruits and
vegetables and began doing yoga, Ti-Chi, and Qi Gong. Slowly, there were improvements in
their health, Joey is now cancer-free and Lima’s tumor continues to shrink. Talking to both of
them provided us with the most hope we had since the diagnosis. They provided me with Paul’s
contact information.

Two weeks after the diagnosis the biopsy revealed that my husband’s tumor was a
A neuroendocrine tumor on the Pancreas, coincidentally the same tumor that Lima was diagnosed
with and her’s was also on the Pancreas.

I called Paul, who was very generous with his time and of course explained the benefits of
Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals and Antioxidants. My husband started to take the
Primrose Oil and Fish oil, vitamins and the antioxidant without hesitation, he has been eating a
cleaner diet and taking some yoga class, he has also been trying to reduce his stress level, which
is also very essential to the healing process. The Tumor continues to remain the same size
although at every appointment his oncologist reminds us that it will change and at some point, it
will continue to grow, however, it has been 5 years and it remains stable. We do not get
discouraged by the doctor, he just keeps doing what he is doing and we continue to remain

Paul continues to spend countless hours speaking to me on the phone and so many others. We
are forever grateful to Paul for his time and sharing his wealth of knowledge on Essential Fatty
Acids and helping us and so many others. We are also grateful to Joette and Lima for sharing
their stories and putting us into contact with Paul.

Rosa and Dominique

Childhood Cancer --- Neuroblastoma

Helping people in a time of great need is one element of many that make Paul Beatty a very
special person. In the season of sharing, I’d like to share my own personal story:

While on maternity leave in 2007, my son woke up one morning and I noticed that one of his
eyes was half its usual size. There is something to be said about maternal instinct, and I decided
to bring him to see a doctor. We soon learned the terrible news that is every parent’s worst
nightmare. Alexander was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, a Neuroblastoma,
which is a malignant tumor. We caught it relatively early, it was in stage 2, not inflicting the
bones (as they had taken samples of his bone marrow through aspiration and biopsy) which

was very good news. Alexander was only eight months old at the time.

The tumor was sitting on his sympathetic nervous chain which affected his eye.

He developed what is called a Horner Syndrome which causes the eyelid to droop making the eye

significantly smaller.

My son has beautiful big blue eyes and this tumor seriously affected one of his eyes. His vision was not
affected, but his pupil was larger and this part was irreversible.

This proved to be both a miracle and a blessing in disguise because, without this clear marker,
the tumor would have continued to grow unnoticed. We were very fortunate that we caught it
in its early stages.

Alexander was immediately scheduled for surgery at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which I
did not know at the time, was going to be my second home for over an eight-month period.
Alexander’s complicated surgery to remove the tumor went relatively well. He underwent
difficult tests on a regular basis (CT scan, MRI, MIBG tests) to ensure the remnants of the mass
remained inactive. My son is an energetic little boy who radiates happiness. He was nicknamed
the “superstar” by his team of doctors. He’s a fighter, very determined and stubborn and I knew
these traits would later serve him well.

We found out just four months later that his tumor had returned. The only treatment option
would be chemotherapy over an intensive four-month period.

At first, Mark, my partner and I both felt frustration and despair but quickly decided to fight this
cancer with knowledge, hope and a strong sense of positivity. Alexander had just turned 14
months and we made sure to communicate that a miracle was on its way for him, that his
booboo, as we called it, was going to go away in a matter of time.

This is when I met Paul over the phone through a mutual friend who was my life coach at the
time (her specialty was in helping families inflicted with cancer cope). As I was searching for
more of a holistic approach in addition to chemotherapy, Paul entered my life and I believe this
was a godsend. He spent countless hours with me on the phone, educating me on the benefits of
EFA’s. He encouraged me to read the book ‘The Hidden Story of Cancer”. Since I was
breastfeeding Alexander at the time, he suggested I increase my EFA supplements by so I was
taking 3 Cod Liver oil pills (1000mg/pill) as well as 9 Efamol’s in the same dosage. I even put
some on Alexander’s body so that it would be absorbed into his skin. Paul said that it was
imperative that I get these EFA’s into my son, as this would give his cells the oxygen that it
would need in order to fight off the ill effects of the chemo. I breastfeed him until he completed
his treatments and then some, 20 months in total.

The Oncologists told me that he would likely need a blood transfusion at some point in his
treatments as all Neuroblastoma cases require them. I told them that he would be the
exception to the rule and they replied that a miracle would need to happen for this to take
place. Well, Alexander was the exception and just made it in not requiring this blood
transfusion. He also had a lot of energy throughout his chemo, more than I had anticipated, was
it the EFA’s that was helping this? Was it the anti-cancer fighting foods that I was feeding him?
I’m convinced in my heart of hearts that the EFA’s played a vital role in helping my son to heal.
When the surgeons told me that his eye, which was affected my the tumor would never get
better after the surgery, that he would likely require cosmetic surgery before starting school at
age 5, l told them that he would be the exception. l kept feeding him the EFA’s until he was old
enough to start sucking on the pills, which he does every day now. They’re actually his favorite

The surgeon saw him a few months ago and was amazed that his eye was almost back to its
normal size, about 90-05%. He said that this was not meant to happen.

Alexander completed 4 months of chemotherapy (6 treatments in all) in April 2008. The
chemotherapy reduced his tumor by 50% and the remnants needed to be tested every 3
months to ensure that the mass would remain inactive. We contin1.,1ed on with his MRI and
MIBG tests. The Oncologist said that he could live a healthy life with the reduced mass being
present in his body and that perhaps one day, it would disappear completely. But there was no
way to tell when.

One year later, in the spring of 2009, and after his usual battery of tests, the doctor

told me that his mass was gone and that no further testing would be required except for our

regular clinic visits and blood tests. I was amazed, speechless, utterly over the moon with

this news as I was not expecting it so soon.

Was it the EFA’s that helped this along? I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt, that these
EFA’s played a vital role in bringing my son back to complete health. He did not require a blood
transfusion, his eye is almost back to its pre-Neuroblastoma size, except for his pupil which will
always be different in size, his mass is gone and he is by far the most energetic child at daycare.
I am very careful as to what he eats, and I avoid all processed foods as well as sugar, as
recommended to me by Paul but there is something to be said about these EFA’S which my son
and I continue to take on a daily basis.

Paul’s devotion to me and my family during this very difficult journey is like none that I have
ever seen. The knowledge that he has shared with me with respect to EFA’s is something that I
will always be grateful for. I plan to keep taking these EFA’s for life for I have seen first hand all
the good that it has done. I will always be grateful to Paul for this.

Alexander will be. considered cancer-free when he turns 7 but I already consider him healthy
and completely free of cancer. One side effect that he has developed is something called Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy which was likely caused when he had surgery to remove his
Neuroblastoma. The left side of his body from his face down to his waist does not sweat and
when he is energetic, his skin turns red (flushed) but the side that is affected remains the same
(white). Pain is usually associated with this disorder but he thankfully does not have pain. I am
hoping that in time, this too will disappear.

Having Alexander healthy is for me, the best Christmas gift I could have hoped for.
And for Paul, your dedication to helping and educating people who have cancer is truly

My family thanks you.

Christine Mack, Mother of Alexander
Montreal, Quebec
December 2009

Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with HER 2 positive breast cancer after finding a lump in April 2010. I was told
at that time the cancer was very aggressive as well, grade three which moves very quickly
throughout the body. Within two weeks I had a lumpectomy but it was not a success and had to
go back in for a mastectomy which had been successful as I had clear margins.

Since the cancer cells had moved to my lymph nodes, I was scheduled and did receive six
rounds of chemotherapy in July 2010. Along with the chemo I started to take the vitamins as
well the (6-2 initially then decreased 3-1), primrose oil and cod liver oil after meeting Paul
through my brother. Through the treatments, I never felt really sick and worked the entire time
as I run a very busy company in Toronto along with running a household. I also walked the 60
km walk to raise funds for women’s cancers without, a problem, I had received a chemo
treatment just the week prior to the walk. I’m not saying the chemo was a pleasant experience,
but it was certainly manageable with the help of vitamins and fatty acids. I was also started
to exercise regularly as well as change my eating habits/lifestyle. Every time I go to the grocery
store, Paul is in my head … ” shop the perimeter and get the hell out!”

Since January 2011, I have been going to Princess Margaret Hospital for scans … MRl’s, CT and
bone as they suspected the cancer to show up elsewhere. On my last visit, I received the best
news since this nightmare started … the cancer was no longer aggressive. They are not sure why
but they do believe it has something to do with the drug I take called, Herceptin! All my doctors
are aware I take the vitamins and the fatty acids along with the Herceptin and they do not
have an opinion one way or the other. They are simply trained to prescribe the drugs available
at this time to fight this disease but have absolutely no knowledge of how EFA’s can actually
work in conjunction.

I am very lucky I was introduced to Paul Beatty and the team. This has been a terribly rough
road over the last year but with the knowledge and ‘common sense” I have gained from Paul
and the people who have worked with Paul over the years I feel I have been blessed with a
great future.

Thanks for everything!
Bridget Sullivan
The Sullivan Source Inc.

Paul’s Comment on Bridget’s therapy:

The drug is called Herceptin and is being approved across Canada at a cost of $50k per patient
per year for 5years for breast cancer patients.

This is financial suicide to our health care system and unwarranted by the research published in
2005,Nov.5th– Journal of the National Cancer Institute – GLA (from EPO} increases the
effectiveness of Herceptin by 40 times, prevents side effects of chemo and radiation and
inhibits Her2neu oncogene (a most aggressive form of breast cancer that kills most women.
Knowing this you would think our gov’t would reduce Herceptin dosages by 39/40th and
subsequently the $250,000 by this amount if they had brains – but alas its only tax dollars and
people think OHIP is free.

As a parting note, Bridget commented to me that her doctors were absolutely stunned how her
cancer “retreated” as they continued to scare her and bring her in for scan after scan because
this type of cancer always spreads. Unfortunately, they had no time to look at the above-cited
research or showed no interest in what Bridget was taking and eating.

Please share Bridget’s story and other Breast cancer stories through us to save more lives. Only
through awareness and knowledge will the system change. So, contact Bridget or Valerie who
is willing to pay it forward and listen to them – even the most dangerous form of breast cancer
– Her2neu can be reversed with dietary manipulation of Eicosanoids.

Paul Beatty

Colo-Rectal Cancer

“My Cancer Story” by Joette (Joey) Trudeau

My cancer journey began in Sep. 2004 when I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. Surgery was followed by 25 sessions of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy as 1 out of 29 lymph nodes removed with the malignant tumor was also cancerous. My prognosis was still good though. In March 2005, 4 months into the chemo., and having terrible pain in my left lower back and leg, and on crutches, I was told that I now had metastases to the bone, a tumor had grown in my sacrum as per MRI and bone scan results. My new prognosis was 1-1/2 to 2 years to live. I told my oncologist that I needed at least 5 more years as I was a single parent 24/7 of two teen girls who really needed me. He said I wouldn’t get 5 years.

Next I received 5 sessions of intensive palliative radiation and started 6 more months of another chemo. By early May 2005 I was couch bound, using a walker, on morphine, and home care services were initiated. On May 26/05 I literally dragged myself out to one of Paul Beatty’s talks and what he said made perfect sense to me and I had absolutely nothing to lose. I immediately started taking the Efamol evening primrose, fish oil, vitamins and minerals, and a powerful antioxidant (flavonoids). 

Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my energy level and general well being, could walk with a limp, and no longer had side effects from the chemo. By the end of 12 weeks I was feeling pretty good except for pain and I was thinking of increasing my morphine dosage. I decided to talk to Paul first only to find out that I had to wean myself off of the morphine (or die) in order for the hormone prostaglandin 1 to get through and start healing my damaged cells. I knew he was right as around the same time, Aug. 29/05, I had another head to toe bone scan done which revealed a further spread to my ribs and neck and my new prognosis was 6 months or so to live.

I used natural anti-inflammatory remedies to gradually wean myself off of morphine and oxycontin and on Oct. 22/05 I took my last morphine pill and within 4 more weeks I’d weaned myself off of the natural remedies as well. None of this was easy but doable and so worth it as it has been only uphill since then. 

Every week I’d notice a little bit of improvement. Sitting was my biggest challenge and gradually I could do so for much longer periods of time with minimal discomfort as the supplements had greatly increased my pain tolerance level. I also started walking perfectly normal, gained 20 lbs. (from 98-118), which is so critical in cancer patients having metastases (cancer is no longer robbing my nutrition) and I became physically able to do so much more including Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other activities I thought I’d never again be able to participate in.

Like Paul says, I didn’t get the cancer overnight so the healing will be very gradual and it is happening. A bone scan and MRI done Jan/06 showed that the spreading had stopped and there was a slight improvement in the left rib area and less inflammation and swelling in the sacrum. An Oct/06 scan showed that the metastases in my neck and left rib area had retreated and the sacrum had improved. My oncologist was extremely impressed with my progress and told me to continue whatever I was doing as he couldn’t do anything more for me. 

However, I had concerns about my continuing bladder and bowel problems that I had been experiencing since palliative radiation in 2005. Extensive tests performed in April/May/07 confirmed that I had a stricture in my colon that had resulted from the intensive palliative radiation and I was on a waiting list to see a specialist for the bladder concerns. I had major surgery Sep.12/07 which resulted with a permanent colostomy as the damage from radiation was beyond repair. I had an incisional hernia repair in April/08 and urological repair (after almost 2 yrs. on a waiting list to see the specialist) for radiation cystitis in May/08 and all these procedures had helped me to resume a more normal life. Unfortunately the hernia returned in 2009 as well as another one at the colostomy site. 

A CT scan done in June of 2010 revealed that I had plateaued and diffuse lung metastasis were suspected. I knew that would change and I would start healing again after I resolved a few stressors in my life, financial being the biggest as I’d been on disability for years. If the disease doesn’t get you the stress it causes will try to! That’s where a positive attitude is so important. I also believed that body, mind, and spirit worked together as a powerful team and I sought the help of Master Lee (Chinese Medical Physician, Martial Arts Master, Osteologist, Accupuncturist) here in Mississauga. Within weeks I was greatly improved.

I then chose to have no further scans to avoid unnecessary radiation and just put all my energy into healing and slowly but surely it happened. 

I routinely saw my oncologist and finally consented to having bone and CT scans in May of 2014. The radiologist was quite puzzled as he compared results with past scans that showed metastases and had to question the new results of no evidence of metastatic disease.

As of April 19, 2015 I was informed that I was officially cancer free as per a blood test for active cancer cells came out pristine!!! 

In Sep. 2017 I had over 9 hrs. of surgery after having many painful twisted intestine episodes due to my small intestine being stuck on the mesh of a failed hernia surgery done in 2008. Certain movements I made would cause the twist. A lot of scar tissue and adhesions were removed and my colostomy was moved to my other side. All damage due to intensive, palliative radiation that I received in 2005.

As of Oct. 2018 I no longer need to see my Oncologist! 

What counts the most is that I’m here and I’m forever grateful to Paul and Reiki Master Susan Nicholas who referred me to him and Master Lee. They have truly saved my life! Without them…I would definitely not be here today enjoying my beautiful granddaughter who was born in Aug/07.

It’s been a long, hard journey and I wouldn’t be alive today if not for seeking out and religiously following simple, inexpensive, alternative care. I’ve made it a mission in my life to reach out to others regardless of their diagnosis as the protocol I’m on works for all diseases. It’s actually very simple and makes sense. Some dietary changes may be necessary as well.

Body, mind, and spirit working together will promote healing! 

Please feel free to call me at 647-692-3376 or e-mail

or visit

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Neuroendocrine Cancer

Lima’s Cancer Journey October 3, 2012

I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer in June 2001 at age 49. The operation revealed, cancer in the head of the pancreas measuring 5.2 x 6cm, cancer in the duodenum, head of the large intestine, a tumor wrapped around the Portal Vein, (main vein to the heart) and 20 Hepatic Metastases in the liver. The Surgeon did not remove any of the tumors, fearing that if they cut them, I would bleed to death.

Neuroendocrine Cancer is a rare form of cancer and at the time there wasn’t much information about it nor was there any chemo treatment. I was given 6 months to live and was referred to palliative care.

After surgery I became very weak and had low energy because I couldn’t retain anything I ate. I was either vomiting or had diarrhea. I was so weak that I had to crawl up the stairs on all fours and pull myself along the railing to get to my room. I was depressed and felt hopeless and just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I didn’t want to see or speak to anyone. I asked God: “Why didn’t you take me on the operating table?” I wished I had, instead of living in these awful circumstances, with bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, stinky gas, anemic, weak and always tired. I survived by living on Ensure for 3 months. Along from having cancer, I became a diabetic; from having cancer in the pancreas, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

Meanwhile, my social worker at Trillium Hospital kept an eye on me. She called several times encouraging me to go to Wellspring. She said that I will meet other people who are going through the same thing as me. Wellspring is a network of centres that offers support, coping skills and educational programs to cancer patients and their loved ones/care givers at no cost; but I didn’t want to see or speak to anyone.

Eventually, I hesitantly called Wellspring and was greeted by a friendly, soft spoken, caring lady, Judy; my 1st Angel. Judy listened to what I had to say. Then she said – I can have a volunteer driver pick you up tomorrow morning and bring you to the centre to speak to a peer support person and you can stay for Visualization and Relaxation. I accepted her offer. At the end of the program, Judy asked me how I liked it. I told her I had a headache because I was concentrating very hard trying to follow along with the visualization. She said she was sorry to hear that I got a headache, but there were other programs that might help me. She suggested the Metastatic Support Group. I thank God everyday for attending that program. While attending the program I met other members that were given, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year to live and they were all living beyond their prognosis.

That gave me hope that maybe I could live beyond 6 months as well. They suggested that I ask for a second opinion. I had never heard of that before and that gave me more hope. I hesitated, fearing that my Oncologist would be upset with me, but he wasn’t. He referred me to Princess Margaret Hospital where I was told that there was a trial going on at London Cancer Centre in London, Ontario, for neuroendocrine cancer. At this point, I became even more hopeful. The doctor from Princess Margaret told my Oncologist at Trillium and he referred me to London Cancer Centre. Princess Margaret Hospital also suggested that I start taking Sandostatin Injections to help with the gas and diarrhea. Within 3 weeks I met with the doctors in London.

Meanwhile at Wellspring, I was booked for a Reiki Treatment (energy healing). The Volunteer driver came to pick me up at home but I didn’t remember that I had an appointment. It so happened that the Volunteer was also the Reiki Practitioner – Susan. She decided since she was there already, she would give me the Reiki Treatment at home. The next day, the Reiki made me feel so energized, that I started cleaning the house! I couldn’t believe it. This was amazing! I called Wellspring for another Reiki Treatment. Susan was the Reiki Practitioner again (My 2nd Angel). Susan saw how grey and weak I was and suggested she take me to see her Naturopath as I could not drive myself. The Doctor gave me a vitamin supplement which helped me get stronger.

The trial in London consisted of 3 types of chemo plus radioactive treatment (Isotope Idium 111). As a result of the 5 month (7 days a week) of vigorous chemo and radioactive treatment, the cancer in the head of the pancreas shrunk by 10%. I was ecstatic, grateful and hopeful about the trial the doctor recommended. My platelets had plummeted quite low and the doctor felt it best to stop the chemo for a while but kept me on a maintenance program of radioactive treatment every 3 months.

In 2006 my platelets plummeted again to 29 and no one knew why. The doctors decided to stop the radioactive treatment. I was left in limbo. I decided to seek alternative remedies. I saw a Flyer at Wellspring – An upcoming seminar on Essential Fatty Acids – mentioning that this helped with cancer and other diseases. I called that number and it turned out to be my friend Joey ( Joette Trudeau) was the contact for the seminar. She told me that all her cancer was reversing since she had been on the EFA’s. I couldn’t believe it! Joey took me to Paul’s seminar on EFAs and to my surprise – the meeting was at Susan’s house! It was a pleasant surprise. I started the EFAs and the supplements that were recommended along with the EFAs.

The cancer didn’t progress nor did the 10 % come back! During treatments and afterward, I continued going to Wellspring, attending various programs; such as Reiki, Qi-gong (an exercise working with energy and breathing), Tai-chi, Yoga (an exercise program working body mind and spirit in unison). I felt physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger by attending these programs as well as the help from the support group and psychologist.

During the 11 years and 4 months of my cancer journey, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills from Wellspring, my doctors, Susan (my Reiki Master), and Paul Beatty – his Seminars about EFAs and Cellular Nutrition, The Canadian Cancer Society, the Four Colour Drum Circle, my family and God, who helped me heal myself. The cancer has shrunk by 60%! I no longer have fibromyalgia, my osteoporosis is now classed as osteopenia and my high blood pressure and diabetes are under control.

Knowing the benefit of Reiki, I was inspired to become a Reiki Master. I am also a Peer Support Volunteer for Wellspring and The Canadian Cancer Society. I also attend the Four Colour Drum Circle where I am learning and practicing Aboriginal Healing.

I thank God for showing, helping and providing all the means, knowledge, skills, teachers, friends and family that I am still here, living stronger and healthier, recovering with cancer.

I am grateful, blessed, honoured and thankful to all the people in my life, which have played a part in my cancer journey.


Please feel free to contact me at (905) 279-2882 or email:




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